FotoInMotion will aim to target three creativity industries: Photojournalism, Fashion and Festival Organisation. Want to see how the tool can work to enrich your videos — access the FotoInMotion tool  here!

Nov. 2020 Update: Following the pilots, the FotoInMotion project has made accessible downloadable videos free for public use based on the following topics: Photojournalism, Marketing/Fashion, Festivals, & Current Events/Journalism.

Photojournalism with Noor
As a leading international documentary photo agency, NOOR will explore ways that the tool can help photojournalists around the world tell their stories and bring new attention to their work. Three different NOOR photographers will be using the FotoInMotion tools with both Digital Professional Cameras and Mobile Devices. The aim is to create videos from images shot directly with the tool and videos of photos shot in other circumstances, and uploaded onto and produced with the desktop tool. Check out the FotoInMotion videos produced by the photojournalism pilot Noor.


Fashion With Marni
Italian fashion company Marni sees potential in the tool to create videos that promote its products, reinforce its brand and express its attitude and style. Pilots will create video content from photographs of new collections, new store openings and fashion shows. Photos and videos will come from MARNI’s marketing and social media team from different media sources, with the aim to boost engagement and followers on social media.


Festivals with TBNFF

The Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn is among the world’s top gathering of cinema professionals, documented by a steady flow of images. Short, engaging and high-quality videos are crucial in communicating the festival experience to the general and professional audiences, giving information, raising awareness around the themes and topics of the festival and connecting the festival brand with its stakeholders. The pilot will focus on how to efficiently create quality content from both professional and amateur photographers.

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