Outcomes & Research

D1.3 _Innovation report on creative industries_v2

D1.4 Use Cases & Requirements v2

D2.1 Functional Specification of Contextual Data Generation and Annotation Tools and Digitial Even Framework Definition

D3.1 2D image editing requirements and mechanisms

D3.2 Specifications for 3D effects

D4.1 Overall system architecture

D4.3_FotoInMotion use case applications_v1.0_FINAL

D5.1 Pilot plan

D6.2 Communication and dissemination plan

D7.2 Data management plan v1

FotoInMotion_D1.1_Innovation report on creative industries _V1.0_28.02.2018 INTRA

FotoInMotion_D1.2_use cases and requirments_30-06-2018


FotoInMotion_D4.2_FotoInMotion platform and APIs

FotoInMotion_D6.1_FotoInMotion website online