FotoInMotion is a project born from an innovative format that transforms a single photograph into a dynamic, high quality video for storytelling and branding. FotoInMotion is the tool to allow both professional content producers and creative citizens to efficiently embed contextual information into a photograph, and produce videos with rich, semi-automated editing functions and dynamic effects that can be easily shared on social media, as well as on professional digital content delivery platforms.

FotoInMotion’s photo post-production and video-editing processes will use 3D effects to draw attention to high-quality photography, by inviting users to select their best photos and providing them with a range of specifically designed artistic effects to engage the viewer.


FotoInMotion is a simple but powerful solution for professional and semi-professionals aiming to connect to their audiences with an innovative format. Through the efficient repurposing of powerful photography with a short and immersive video format, creatives and photographers alike can design artfully edited and enhanced media for viewers. Additionally, automated metadata from the camera and narrative/commentary from the producer or photographer, both in audio and text form, enriches the experience while collecting information necessary for search engine optimization and social media prioritization.

FotoInMotion  will contain a full range of innovative editing options and artistic effects, such as 3D conversion and immersive video movement, designed to bring dynamism to previously still images and transform them into quality video, suitable for professional use with the flexibility made for social media platforms. FotoInMotion will innovate spatial storytelling, allowing creative professionals to unfold their stories not only in linear time, but also in space. It will allow movement of the focal point within the 3D space extracted from the original photo, and apply a conversion process to highlight and add narration to objects and information, thus greatly enhancing the storytelling power of an image.