Digital Storytelling Needs: COVID-19 Is Accelerating Shift To Online Events

By Lillian Wagner (Worldcrunch)


From visual storytelling to digital storytelling, it’s evident that everyone is trying to get their story out there in new ways — and as efficiently as possible. There has been much said about how the COVID-19 crisis is accelerating the digital transformation of the communication industry, and no sector has been affected more than the events sector.


Online or digital events have become an essential part of our work and personal lives since the beginning of the crisis. As physical events won’t return in any consistent way for the foreseeable future, it’s mandatory that we learn to adapt to the online world, and become familiar with hosting and participating in these events.



But why did it take a global pandemic for us to adapt to digital events? 

The majority of workers around the world (78% to be exact) have been collaborating via Skype, Google Hangouts, Go-To-Meeting and other video-conferencing tools for years. Some assume that online events do not provide the same “return on investment” as physical events, and others guess that it’s just “too complicated and it’s a risk to rely on technology”, but when it comes to digital storytelling, digital events are the best proof that it works! 

Digital storytelling for digital events is a win-win situation. As for the FotoInMotion tool, our team finds that digital storytelling is a must have for online events — where strong photography meets automated videos, you can create new and very engaging format with extra fast turnaround time.

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