Automating Video Creation Process To Power Social Media Engagement

Automated Video Creation Process To Power Social Media Engagement

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By Vasilis Papanikolaou, Senior Innovation Manager (ATC SA)  

Video content has always been at the “heart” of user engagement. From the early days of the Internet to  the social media era, videos have been a key engagement medium for getting the users’ attention. oday,  as video content is highly shareable and easy to consume both on desktops and  mobile platforms, and it has become the main driving force behind the visual revolution of journalism and marketing.

Creating video content in a manual way requires a lot of expertise, resources and different people getting engaged in the process, which makes it an expensive and time-consuming process. In many cases, this is a “no-go” factor which affects the decision of smaller brands or content creators, leading them to publish and share videos on an infrequent basis, leaving them far behind the competition. 

That is why automated video creation is a “must have” in any content creator’s arsenal. But automated video is much more than just a buzzword. The rise of certain technologies such as AI, machine learning, automatic image annotation, etc., resulted in a huge boom in development of certain technological solutions, allowing content creators to generate and publish story telling videos in a fast, simple and  — above all — automatic way. Its use is becoming so widespread that not using some form of automation in video content creation will soon be as absurd as not using data analytics in your social media campaign. 

For most online content creators, social media channels are the primary source of traffic and user engagement, allowing them to catch their users’ interest and drive traffic back to their own commercial website. Thanks to automation tools, content creators can now easily create social media friendly videos in different formats, optimized for each channel.

FotoInMotion allows content creators to create short videos in a fast and automated way both from their mobile phones and their desktops, giving them the opportunity to share video content with their audience on a frequent basis. By using FotoInMotion, the user has more time for creativity by eliminating the tedious parts of production, making video creation more fun, efficient and effective.

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