FotoInMotion: Meeting Demands Of Our Digital Storytelling Era

FotoInMotion: Meeting Demands Of Our Digital Storytelling Era

By Vasilis Papanikolaou (ATC)

Telling a story has always been an intrinsic part of human society and culture. Whether to inform or entertain, or some combination of the two, people have always shared stories with each other as a way to communicate and connect. We tell each other stories to share a laugh, to persuade, to build relationships: a joke in the pub to break the ice, an advertising campaign to draw consumers in, a tale for our children to send them off to dreamland. There is something irresistible and universal about a well-crafted story.

However, in our current era, we need to utilise all of the advanced technology available to tell even more compelling tales through digital storytelling. The capacity for constant and instantaneous communication means that stories are often shorter, faster and more easily accessible

In this context, video is arguably the most worthwhile type of digital storytelling to employ. This has created a growing demand for affordable and accessible tools to allow creatives to efficiently produce videos of professional quality.

This demand for tools comes amid the recent shift by major social media platforms toward video, including Facebook’s “video first” roadmap. At the same time, we have witnessed several parallel trends within the creative industries: 

1. Rise of immersive photojournalism as innovative storytelling that aims at positioning an audience within a story universe by using virtual reality, artificial and various video-based techniques. 

2. Visual content is seen increasingly as an opportunity as a monetization medium with the increase of professionals and semi-professionals in photography, videography and other creative industries sectors looking for the right tool at the right price. 

3. Users looking to have new products that combine ease of use with innovative and rich feature sets, and dynamic pricing models, addressing the relative low level of financial resources for creative semi-professionals and professionals.

There is little doubt that demand for new tools is rising. FotoInMotion addresses three central trends – video centricity of social media, increased impact of immersive storytelling and the lack of low cost, rich-feature software packages – with a tool that combines the narrative range of video with the accessibility and power of still photographs. This tool will make it possible to produce short, narrative and immersive video content from photographs that are enhanced with sound, dynamic and 3D effects as well as metadata.  These short, high quality, videos are particularly well suited for diffusion on social media, news media, and other digital platforms. 


Furthermore, FotoInMotion aims at streamlining the production of such content by enabling direct mobile usage, balancing task automation with room for creative freedom. In doing so, FotoInMotion aligns itself with current trends where the production of audio-visual content is moving from desktops to mobile platforms, i.e. by increasing hardware and software offers for professional marketw focusing on tablets and mobile devices by leading hardware manufacturers such as Apple and Microsoft.

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