UX, You Bet! First Sketches of FotoInMotion Work Flow

UX, You Bet! First Sketches of FotoInMotion Work Flow

By: Jeff Israely/Worldcrunch


As we develop the FotoInMotion tool, we must keep the end user always at the front of our mind. No matter how fast or powerful or dynamic the features we build into the tool, it will fall short if the user interface is not intuitive and efficient…and handsome!  Indeed UI is perhaps the most important feature to ensure optimal UX (user experience).


Mobile application work flow


Of course the definition of “user” is itself a crucial question. One of the strengths of our project is that we have three pilots, with often quite different use cases, designed to offer diverse feedback on the tool — both in terms of specific functionalities and overall UX.


Desktop application work flow


The process of working both with multiple technical partners, as well as gaining testing feedback from pilot users, requires a strong commitment to flexibility and attention to clear communication. As the tech partners develop the first wire frames, the pilot partners have sketched out in broad strokes the user flow. See above…and let the iteration begin!


*Header Photo Credit: Unsplash/ you-x-ventures

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