Being There! QdepQ Shows Its 3D Vision At Integrated Systems Europe

Being There! QdepQ Shows Its 3D Vision At Integrated Systems Europe

By: Pieter Jonker/QdepQ

FotoInMotion partner was present at this month’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition, demonstrating 3D derived from 2D on a see-through “peppers ghost” silk screen. Alongside our co-creation partner, Pieter Jonker, QdepQ’s CEO gave a short presentation on 2D to 3D conversion and 3D -360 immersive experiences.

 QdepQ at Improve at ISE2019.

Integrated Systems Europe ( is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. The 2019 edition ran from Feb. 5 to 8 at the RAI Amsterdam, and was the largest to date in terms of both exhibition space and attendee registrations

There were many things to see and to try out, such as QdepQ’s CCO Martijn trying out Augmented Reality.

Meanwhile in France, our image processing guru Vikko Smit showed that nerds can be sporty too, by performing a test drive in the French Alps; skiing with > 100km/h  from a mountain ridge down with our brand new Insta-360 one X camera, sticking out of his backpack. The 3D version of this video for our Oculus Go is breathtaking, especially when looking 360 around!


Backpack with 360 camera


We are working with our FotoInMotion partners towards our vision for a future where observers can be virtually immersed in the scene, where the action feels real and the experiene is: As if being there!

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