Tallinn Film Forum Eyes Radical, European-Wide Innovation For Immersive Media

Tallinn Film Forum Eyes Radical, European-Wide Innovation For Immersive Media

By: TBNFF Staff



The combination of structural changes in the creative industry as well as the new and upcoming term for Creative Europe MEDIA marks the arrival of a new era of opportunities for European storytellers and audiovisual industry entrepreneurs. It was within this context last month that the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and its industry summit Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event held a one-day, C level conference, the European Film Forum Tallinn 2019. 

Mandated by the European Commission, and curated by Sten-Kristian Saluveer, CEO & Founder at Storytek, and a vital member of the FotoInMotion consortium, the Nov. 30 conference served as a discussion forum between creatives, technologists, investors, and policymakers to provide input into the agenda of the the Creative Europe MEDIA programme As the primary supporter of the European audiovisual industry, the current schedule of Creative Europe MEDIA program finishes at the end of 2020, and the Commission has made a proposal for the successor programme to start in 2021.

Among other topics, the conference focused on the status of innovation in Europe’s audiovisual and content industry and how Europe  can stay relevant globally in the future. The event also explored the real opportunities in virtual and mixed reality and how such storytelling can be monetized by creative professionals in Europe. In the second session “Immersive entertainment – hype or the new revolution?”, two Polish immersive media innovators – Marcin Lunkievicz (Mimoo) and Marek Sobieniecki (Nordpeak) emphasized that the importance of the new immersive forms. Whether in the form of Augmented, Mixed, or Virtual Reality, immersive media transcends entertainment value and is part of the broader industry 4.0 change that will transform the majority of critical European industries. 

Along with the case studies, the speakers emphasized immersive media functions in conveying truthful and fact-checked information about our world, possibilities in education, as well as manufacturing and news media. 


It was stressed that the majority of high-quality European content is currently being acquired by the Oculus platform of Facebook, and thus the offerings of immersive media in Europe are minimal. Therefore the speakers called out for European content creators, media innovators, technologists, and policymakers to support not only the production but also distribution of European immersive content.

The FotoInMotion platform is proud to meet the call for European innovation in developing a new creative and distribution platform prototype for European creatives in the fields of photojournalism, fashion and events. Besides allowing creators to create captivating and contextual stories from photos, the now-developing platform will also enable creators to transform their work into three-dimensional videos that take the audience on a journey within the picture thus enhancing its creative and factual potential. The immersive toolset for FotoInMotion is being developed by consortium partner QdepQ from the Netherlands, based on their previous work with stereographic conversion algorithms and 3d conversion.


The FotoInMotion project is currently in the development phase with use cases tested by partners Noor, Marni and Black Nights Film Festival and will release samples of its 3D tools during the private beta in summer 2019. The European Film Forum 2018 conference sessions are available here.


Head Image Credit: Black Nights Film Festival/Aron Urb

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