FotoInMotion, A Collaborative Project Is A Story Worth Tallinn!

FotoInMotion, A Collaborative Project Is A Story Worth Tallinn!


By: Jeff Israely/Worldcrunch


TALLINN — What may be Europe’s most digitally connected capital was the ideal setting for the latest FotoInMotion consortium meeting that pushed its technical and creative partners to get their collective heads together to help build the best tool possible.


During the two-day meeting in Tallinn, there was a particular focus on how the project’s three pilot programs should be designed to serve the development of the FIM tool. Technical partner QdepQ is working on integrating 3D capacity and INESC is focused on object recogntion of the tool; and for each case, photographic images are needed from the pilots to build out the capacity of the 1.0 version of the tool to be tested by the three partners.


All partners noted that the diversity of the three pilots is both a resource and a challenge for the project. As an example, Estonian pilot partner TBNFF, host of the Tallinn meeting, has designed a pre-pilot survey to be distributed during the upcoming Film Festival to a relatively large number of professional participants; whereas NOOR’s photojournalism pre-pilot activity has largely been focused on selecting no more than three of its photographers’ project submissions to be run as FIM pilots. (The three NOOR photographers chosen are Nina Berman, Tanya Habjouqa and Sebastian Liste.)



The FotoInMotion team brainstorming at the consortium meeting.

The third pilot, by Italian fashion company Marni, will test the utility of the tool in producing marketing videos, both from existing catalogue images and events such as runway shows and store remodelings. In all three cases, the pilots are designed and harmonized to provide the most relevant feedback to the technical partners as they continuously update and improve the tool through the course of the project. The first version of the tool is slated for release in the spring of 2019.



*Header Photo Credit: Shutterstock/ Intar.Star.Estonia

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