FotoInMotion, A Digital Tool For Long-Term Photojournalism Projects

FotoInMotion, A Digital Tool For Long-Term Photojournalism Projects

By: Agata Bar/NOOR

Two of Europe’s top photography events this summer and fall — Les Rencontres d’Arles and Visa Pour I’image — were a prime opportunity for NOOR to introduce FotoInMotion to key players in the industry and explore new ways of visual storytelling.

The experience also helped narrow down the projects for the upcoming photojournalism pilot that NOOR will be leading.


During the festival Les Rencontres d’Arles in July 2018, NOOR managers Agata Bar and Clement Saccomani were speaking with NOOR photographer Nina Berman and Bastien Duval from Brassage, co-organizer on the Unframed exhibition in Brussels.


For this exhibition Duval teamed up with Blinkl to explore the possibility of accessing additional content through a mobile device. Blinkl allows the creation of a QRCode which makes it possible to provide users quick access to a webpage featuring Blinkl experiences. As many smartphones now have a native QRCode reader, users can open a webpage by scanning chosen images on photos, flyers etc. This allows access to digital contents designed for them, such as 3D augmented reality, videos, animations, games, etc.


Also in Arles, NOOR’s Nina Berman presented her latest book “An autobiography of Miss Wish”. The book published by Kehrer Verslag, also has special codes embedded on pages and when scanned by mobile device allow to access additional material like video or sound, that couldn’t been included in a printed publication.


At Visa Pour I’image in September, the focus was more on the continuing power of long-term documentary photojournalism. Yet as the media landscape is changing and using digital devices is extremely common, we see that in case of photojournalism and documentary photography thinking outside the box becomes essential.


One key point that emerged was the need for the FotoInMotion tool to integrate well into broader, long-term photojournalistic projects. While certain reportages could be conceived of expressly for the production of FotoInMotion videos, more often the tool will be used as one of several assets/outputs that come from a long-term project.


The discussion continued during NOOR’s Annual Meeting in Bordeux in late July 2018, where NOOR photographers were brainstorming about pilot scenarios that could be carried out by NOOR within the framework of FotoInMotion. Six photographers submitted proposals and after discussion with consortium partners: Jeff Israely (Worldcrunch), Vasilis Papanikolaou (ATC) and George ZISSIS (Intrasoft), we selected three to be conducted in upcoming months.


The photojournalism pilots are as follows:

  1. Sebastian Liste, The Anthropocene. Tales of a natural world under violent assault. Chapter One. Nuclear Landscapes.
  2. Tanya Habjouqa, Un: Holy Land
  3. Nina Berman, Photographing the Crowd

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