How Will They Use It: FotoInMotion’s Targeted Brainstorm In First Plenary Meeting

How Will They Use It: FotoInMotion’s Targeted Brainstorm In First Plenary Meeting

Scheveningen in The Hague. Photo Credit: Gerret Vermeulen/Unsplash

The verdict was delivered at the Hague on May 2-3: FotoInMotion has laid the first building blocks of an innovative digital tool to help create new value for photography.

QdepQ, the Netherlands-based industry leader in 3D transformation technology, hosted the first plenary meeting of the FotoInMotion project in the city that is both the seat of the Dutch government and headquarters of the International Court of Justice.

Representatives from each of the consortium’s eight partner companies attended the meeting, which was focused on open innovation, user requirements and an iterative process to make of production of the FotoInMotion tool as efficient and intelligent as possible.

59b8c9d4-09f3-48c6-8899-40b65a308353Consortium group photo at QdepQ. Photo Credit: FotoInMotion 

The pilot partners (photojournalism, festival, fashion) and the technological development team worked together at the meeting to hone in on all potential inputs for the application that will be necessary for our end-users and stakeholders. The FotoInMotion team has adopted an open-innovation approach to this project which will help facilitate communication between the tech partners and the creative industry partners and thus deliver a product both technologically sound as well as useful for the various targeted industries, as well as the general public.

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